Lets look plastic, fake and unrealistic – because I want to be famous…

World Youth Organization

Hello, my name is Kieran Goodwin and I am the Chief Excecutive Officer here at the World Youth Organization. I post on the site regular updates. If you would like to contact me please email [email protected]

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  1. Tim says:

    A message that would be helpful for a lot of people to hear. I’m not originally from Los Angeles but have lived here for quite a while. I’ve encountered a lot of people that use Instagram for the purposes you’ve outlined here and also some that don’t (they end up deleting their accounts or keeping their circle small because who wants to compete on social media?).

    I recall a number of odd looks I would get from friends when I talk about looking forward to aging naturally. It could be my family culture and that we celebrate the wisdom that comes from progressing through life authentically or just my own attitude from working as a therapist. The world has much more to gain from people living true to themselves than it does from people striving to be plastic.

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