My Nursing Journey

Welcome to my nursing page. As you may know already, I currently work as a Health Care Assistant along with running the World Youth Organization.

I have always been interested in healthcare, so nursing is something which has always interested me, but I have never been brave or equipt enough to take on the challenge… until now! This is an independent blog. I never disclose private information or write on behalf of any organisation I may represent or work for. Views are my own.

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What is it like to be Health Care Assistant in the UK?

I have now been working within the NHS as a Health Care Assitant for just over three months now. Within those three short months, I have learned so much, from taking clinical observations on...


Why are there not many young volunteers working in hospitals?

I find it staggering to see that not many young people volunteer in hospitals and care homes. My name is Kieran Goodwin. You may know me as the Chief Executive at the World Youth...


Useful Links:

Below I have devised a list of useful online resoucres for starting your nursing journey.

Royal College of Nursing
Health Careers
Nursing Times

The Journey so far…

I thought it would be useful for readers to be given the chance to follow my exact steps and journey in becoming a nurse. Although it is very early days, I feel already a lot has been accomplished, so allowing me to break everything down, is a great way of understanding my route in…


As starting my own registered charity, I know the many benefits and opporunties volunteering can bring to the table. I also knew that volunteering is a great way to get an inside look at a potenital job you might be interested in pursing further down the line. Instead of rushing myself into a nursing degree, a straight three year course, and landing myself in excess of £30K debt, I wanted to gurantee that I would like the work I would be doing – as a nurse (potenitally).

Volunteering gave me this opportunity to find out what the working conditions were like on the wards, what the staff are like and how day-to-day operations and activies are run. It was incredibly beneficial to me, and I could not have asked for a better opportunity, thanks to the amazing Patient Experience and Volunteering Team at the hospital trust I now work at.

To be continued…

Trust Temps / in-house Bank Health Care Assistant (HCA)
To be continued…
Permenant Health Care Assistant (HCA)
To be continued…
Apprentice Nurse Associate
To be continued…